Artist Focus – Carfax The Producer

Carfax, real name Liam Richards, is a South African-born, DJ and producer. His love for music began back in his hometown, where art is loved by the people of Johannesburg. Carfax is always listening to things around him, even subconsciously, which helps him craft images from sound. “I know people naturally like images so I try to make an image from music that people can see when they … Continue reading Artist Focus – Carfax The Producer

Get Hammered

Get Hammered

So I’m sure (nearly) all of us have performed (in the name of science, of course) experiments into the upper limits of alcohol consumption and it’s effect on the human body. Just gone right out there like a revolutionary hypothesis just needed to be tested. And the results are conclusive and ubiquitous – Human + Hammered = Tragedy. Well that’s what it feels like at … Continue reading Get Hammered

Cats love cheese

Defining a binary function for “Cheese Anguish”

So I thought I would tackle the age old topic of why cats hate mice. This battle has raged for millennia with very little insight coming to bare regarding the fundamental mechanisms behind it. Science guys will tell you “It’s nature” or “evolution”. Religionistas will propose that some guy made it so. But I don’t believe that either is completely true. I hypothesised about this conflict … Continue reading Defining a binary function for “Cheese Anguish”