Carfax - Spontaneous Combustion EP Cover Image

Review: Carfax – Spontaneous Combustion EP

For those that know me and know me well, you know I dig all music no matter what it is as long as it can speak to me on any level.

This time around I have found myself listening to a local 17 year old producer Liam Richards, who goes by the name Carfax. He has been producing music since his young teens and has finally put together a full EP, Spontaneous Combustion.

This EP speaks to you on so many levels, each song allowing you to take yourself away to a different place. From the title track taking you to the early 80’s Bronx, to the depths of a blues hall with ‘Rooftops & city lights’, to the DoJo of a mid century Chinese Monastery where the monks are practicing their ancient arts of martial arts with ‘Gold smile’. One real gem on this EP is ‘What’s Real’, a song that can nearly be put in the same boat as Pink Floyds ‘Great gig in the sky’, for the impact of it’s vocals to the harmony and rhythm accompanying it and boosting it.

This EP goes through so many different places, accompanying so many different vibes which creates a very chilled and relaxed sound allowing you to be completely washed over by the music. It is in fact the first album I have listened to in a very long time that has actually given me chills the whole way through. If this is going to be the continuing style for Carfax The Producer, sign me up for every album. Make sure you all give it a listen the whole way through and tell me what you feel…

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