Artist Focus – Carfax The Producer

Carfax, real name Liam Richards, is a South African-born, DJ and producer. His love for music began back in his hometown, where art is loved by the people of Johannesburg. Carfax is always listening to things around him, even subconsciously, which helps him craft images from sound. “I know people naturally like images so I try to make an image from music that people can see when they listen to it”
I caught up with Carfax recently to ask some very important questions…
LC – Kanye or Shadow?
CTP – Kanye
LC – If you have two left thongs, which one do you put on your right foot?
CTP – I’m from Africa dude, I don’t even know what a thong is.
LC – Finish this number sequence – 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, …?
CTP – 4,2,0
LC – What do Spaniards, Spaniels, and Spanners have in common?
CTP – The White man invented them all.
LC – Cockadoodledoo! Do you?
CTP – Ido not.
LC – “Bags, bags, bags. They’re very useful things. If we didn’t have bags, what would we use, to put a lot of things in?”
CTP – I don’t know if it’s this joint or the tripper that wrote these questions, but I’m wigging out.
LC – It’s best to plant cabbages in winter. When is it best to plant fluorescent tubes?
CTP – When you’re out of weed of course.
LC – What’s Tom’s brothers name?
CTP – Douglas.
LC – 612 years ago, did something happen?
CTP –  Rat poison.
LC – Anything new you are working on and/or any upcoming gigs we can see you at?
CTP – I will be taking a break from live shows for a while. Focusing more on production and getting my technical skills mastered. I’m always working on new tracks and new tracks are always working on me. Be prepared for a few ear-orgasms.
You can keep up to speed with Carfax via FB and/or SoundCloud

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