eine tassen cafe

Can I smell Caffeine?

So recently I’ve been trying to remove caffeine from my diet. Don’t ask me why. It has been a nightmare :/ I love caffeine. Not a huge fan of DeadBull or other energy drinks, but a good warm cup of the Earl really gets me going. And don’t get me started on Coffee…

Over the years I have had my preferences – Dopio, DSL, Long Macch (the proper way and the way all the skippys adulterate it, essentially making it a DSL). But now I like it however it comes. I poncily used to steer clear of Robusto because it is described as having the aroma of burning tyres, but I guess I must have just acquired the taste for burning tyres. When I was attending (that’s a liberal use of the term in comparison to what I actually did) uni, I used to drink 3+ pots of dripolator java each morning. Yes, I even stooped to Amricano, or “coffee soup” as my Swiss coworkers referred to it. And when I got back to Double-G and worked as a barista briefly, I would have close to 20 espressos a day.

Anyways, I digress. So, I’ve tried to find caffeine free alternatives lately and I must admit that I’ve been left wanting. I can’t say that they taste worse. I’ve got some delicious Australian Organic Swiss-Water-Treated Decaf that tastes amazing, but it just does not have the revivifying effects of even a wiff of a warm mug of Blend 43. You know when you walk past a cafe and just smile? There is an energy in the air. It’s not even from the buzz of the people there with the same agenda. The whole place could be dead so long as the grinder was turned on, spewing forth it’s delectable odorous cocktail.

So can I smell caffeine? Or is it some kind of psychosomatic association with the whole process. It’s not specifically coffee either. Holding a steaming hot milky sweet tea has the same revitalising effect. Perhaps I just make the same association with both. Caffeine is said to be mostly odourless. Is it the “mostly” part of that clause that is at play here, or am I indeed superhuman as I have always suspected?

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